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We Know Adventure

Out of the cave

Meet Melody, founder of Urban Escape Vehicles, LLC. Her experience of van life began in Seattle, WA with her first Volkswagen bus. She hit the road with a CB radio (no cell phones back then) and toured the US, checking out the sites and National Parks, searching for hot springs, and catching Grateful Dead shows along the way. If you ask her what is the best thing about traveling in a van, she immediately points out that “wherever you go, you’re home.”

That’s why she started her own campervan rental company

After settling in Western North Carolina, she continued her road trips with some added gear for her adventures: whitewater boating, hiking, camping, and caving. She maintained the same enthusiasm for outdoor adventure as she raised her two sons. “We had so many different kinds of helmets (BMX, whitewater/kayak, caving, skateboarding, snow sports, etc.) that I wondered if we’d need to build a new shed just for our head-protection!” While it is certainly possible to haul camping gear and outdoor adventure equipment in a variety of vehicle types, Melody believes that there is nothing better than a solid camper van to support the adventure. She hopes to provide others with the opportunity to experience the freedom of an awesome camper van. Let’s escape the confines of a stationary dwelling. Let’s get out there and do awesome stuff.


Join us! We’re adventure driven.